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Meet The Team

Meet the team – our terrific staff! We’re passionate about the work we do. We love helping individuals and businesses. In collaboration with local companies, we promote disability inclusion. Our NextGen Mentoring helps area youth. The program connects them with positive adult role models. Mentors hang-out, counsel and guide these youth. It’s amazing what one phone call can do!

Get to know our services by getting to know us! Take a little time and “Meet the Team”!

Meet the Team - Wanda Rogers: Executive Director

Wanda Rogers

Executive Director

Wanda oversees the strategic direction of the organization. She also provides guidance on both a state and local level.

Meet the Team - Bethany Shidler: Program Director

Bethany Shidler

Program Director

Bethany coordinates the NextGen Mentoring program. She works to ensure that program members have a positive experience.

Meet The Team – Our National Team!

Disability:IN is our national association. Everyone needs a little “rah-rah” in their life. We need it too. And Disabilty:IN are our cheerleaders! They support us, so we can support you! It’s great to have them “backing us up”! We provide their resources to businesses in Uinta County. We cheerlead for these local businesses!

The national association helps us achieve our objectives. These objectives are to “empower business to achieve disability inclusion and equality”. This helps us promote a stronger community. We believe everyone deserves a “seat at the table”. Thus we help local businesses develop disability diversification. Disability:IN helps us achieve these goals. They are of our strategic partners. Can we be yours? Are you IN?