Youth Empowerment Logo from Diversity:IN Uinta County

"We contract with Uinta County School District #1 and #4 to help empower youth with disabilities by meeting them where they are and providing them the education to increase their employability skills for inclusion in the workforce."

Empowering Youth for the Future graphic. Blue circle with a stepped arrow pointing up and a youth with his arm raised in a yellow t-shirt.

Job Coaching engages the active participation of employers in providing career exploration & internship opportunities for youth with disabilities.

Site-visits & Campus Tours provide opportunities for youth to explore the many opportunities available to them beyond their high school experiences.

Educational and career awareness training for youth through presentations & workshops.

  • Mock Interviews
  • Mentoring Day
  • NEW – Career Aptitude
  • Job Application & Soft Skills
  • See-Do-Apply
In partnership with Mountain View High School, we help match students to a quality summer employment experience.

In coordination with the local school districts, our Post High School Transition program develops an individualized plan for participating students. The plans are based on assessments and the chosen level of the “Armor of Resilience” course.

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