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Why Do An Assessment?

Diversity & inclusion in the workplace create a sense of belonging and enhance the overall employee experience. Companies with more diverse teams have a 22% lower turnover rate than compaines that aren’t diverse. Diversity & inclusion enhances productivity, encourages innovation, and elicites better decision-making. People want to stay & team performances improve when employees feel connected and are encouraged to grow.

Conducting an DEI assessment reinforces your organization’s commitment ot diversity, equity, and inclusion. An assessment helps your business gain insights into your policies, practices, culture and employee experiences. The information gleaned from the assessment becomes a starting point for fostering a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace.

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The Assessment

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We suggest the following to get started assessing your business’s diversity, equity, & inclusiveness.

  • The Disability Equality Index:  This is a benchmarking tool that provides an objective score and roadmap on disability inclusion policies and practices –  
  • Disability:IN Uinta County let us help you discover where your business currently stands by conducting an inclusion assessment of your business.

Next Steps  

Disability:IN Uinta County can also help you understand the findings of any assessment and develop a DEI plan for moving forward (regardless of who conducts the assessment).

For an Assessment
or Developing a DEI Plan

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