Bethany Shidler

Bethany Shidler

Program Director

Bethany Shidler has been working at Disability:IN Uinta County since January 2018.  Bethany was a substitute teacher for the Uinta County School District #1 for 5 years.  She enjoys working with the youth and helping them learn and grow. In July of 2005, Bethany moved to Cape Verde, Africa. For 18 months, she served with and gained a love for the African people. While in Africa, she learned the importance of strong community ties. Since then, Bethany has continued to serve in her community and to make a difference.

In October of 2015, Bethany and her husband, Daniel, took in two teenage siblings, Donald and Brittney. Their mother had just passed away. Daniel & Bethany opened their home to the siblings knowing that they would be adopting them. In 2016, the Shidlers were able to adopt Donald and Brittney. For Bethany, family is very important. She loves to travel with them at every available opportunity.

Bethany Shidler graduated from Northwest Community College in 2004 with an
associate degree in general studies.  She also works as a class facilitator for Self-
Reliance classes. Bethany enjoys helping others learn and acquire new knowledge to enhance their lives. She has attended several Self Development workshops, including how to be a better Mentor, and loves learning new skills to help others improve their lives. In 2021 Bethany was certified as an Employment Specialist. She is currently enrolled at BYU-I to get her bachelor’s degree in uHman and Family Services.

307-783-6302 or [email protected]

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