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Cancer In The Workplace

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What Employers Should Know With nearly 14.5 million cancer survivors living in the United States, employment concerns affect the 44% of newly diagnosed cancer patients who are of “working age”. Employers & Managers:  How will this workshop help me do my job better? Understand Your Role Know The Law About Accommodations Make A Plan Understand…

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Todd Waites – 2014 Keynote Speaker

Todd Waites – 2014 Keynote Speaker

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When adversity, victory, tragedy, triumph, challenge, inspiration and encouragement collide.   We would like to welcome Mr. Todd Waites as our keynote speaker. Mr. Waites is not only a survivor…but a THRIVER. After losing his complete arm and shoulder to cancer at 14, he has made the most of his life and encourages others to do the same. Todd underwent two years…

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Employment of People with Disabilities

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Recently, I read an article that listed “Myths About Disability Employment”.  I would like to summarize those myths, “posted by” Ian Purdie. Individuals with disabilities do not have the right skills for business. Supports in the workplace will be too costly. Saying the wrong thing in the workplace may upset people with disabilities. Co-workers will…

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Wheeling Perils

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By BECKY CRUM – UCBLN & MentorABILITY Steering Committee Member Shopping, attending community events or a stroll through the neighborhood can create havoc for people who use wheelchairs. Anyone who has tripped over an uneven sidewalk can appreciate the fear that many citizens’ with disabilities encounter regularly. People in wheelchairs must find inclined curbs or driveways – putting…

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Disability Awareness

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Written by Dustin Matthews – UCBLN & MentorABILITY Steering Committee Member In order to bring more awareness to disability-related issues, I would like to discuss ways that everyone and especially businesses can make themselves more accessible for people with disabilities. It’s hard for the average person to really know the struggles that someone with a disability faces nearly…

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Is There Such A Thing As A Social Disability?

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By Ron Wild, UCBLN & MentorABILITY Steering Committee Member There are different definitions of what qualifies as a disability. I would like to propose a new type of disability and call it a Social Disability. This disability is defined by a dominating attitude when compared with society in general regarding attitudinal, sensory, cognitive, and economic barriers, and the…

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Disability Awareness Month

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Written by Sue Norman, UCBLN & MentorABILITY Vice-Chairperson It’s March – Disability Awareness Month, and I’m so pleased to update the community on our progress towards reinventing the Uinta County Business Leadership Network & MentorABILITY programs. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we lost all funding and program support. Last August we held a strategic…

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