What Are Your Strengths?

What Are Your Strengths?

“What are your strengths?” is one of the most common job interview questions and can be difficult to answer.

What is a strength?  A strength can be defined as a combination of talent, behavior, skills, and knowledge that you apply consistently to produce a successful result. 

There are 3 different types of skills we use to help us find our strengths. Personal Skills. Transferable Skills. & Knowledge-Based Skills.

  • Personal Skills: These are personality traits that make you unique and a desirable candidate in a job interview. Your personal skills tell employers why they should hire you. They are used to answer the question “Tell me something about yourself”. Usually this is one of the first questions in an interview.
  • Transferable Skills:  These are skills you develop through your past experiences. Transferable skills are attributes employers are looking for in good candidates. They are skills that will help your future employer and should be highlighted.
  • Knowledge-Based Skills:  These are acquired strengths you gain through past work and school experiences. These are usually career specific and require training of some sort. The skills vary across industries are more straight forward.


Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. 

-Arnold Schwarzenegger-

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