Self-Talk – How Talking to Yourself is a Good Thing

I am Enough

Each of us has a set of messages that play over and over in our minds. This internal dialogue, or personal commentary, frames our reactions to life and its circumstances. One of the ways to recognize, promote, and sustain optimism, hope, and joy is to intentionally fill our thoughts with positive self-talk. Too often, the […]

Say Goodbye To The “Negative Nellies”

Time To Say Goodbye streetsign

Everyone has those colleagues who are constantly in turmoil or have serious drama, the ones who will never manage to elevate themselves. Far worse is that they can’t help but try to bring you down right along with them. Life is hard enough – we don’t always win, and there will always be obstacles and […]

Surround Yourself With Good People

The People Around You Matter

Who Is In Your Circle? Keeping good company:   What makes someone a “good” person to spend time with? The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our life. Some can be parasites. And some will strengthen you and lift you up. So what are the benefits of surrounding yourself with good people?    […]

The Power Of Words

Words Matter: What You Say, When You Say It, And How Our Message Is Delivered Drives Results

Why do words matter?  Example: If I tell you this hamburger is 80 percent lean as opposed to 20 percent fat, then in some sense I am communicating the same thing. But what people get from those two communications is very different: People perceive the 80 percent lean hamburger as much healthier than the 20 […]

I Am . . .

As the Wyoming winter continues, do you ever find yourself becoming more and more stressed, cranky, short-tempered, depressed, unhappy, alone, anxious and many more emotions or feelings? I do! So this week, I AM challenging you to a week of I AM … DAILY Affirmations. What? Why? Affirmations are very powerful. Your subconscious mind does […]

Our Thoughts Are Important

Think Positive

Mind Power – The Power of ThoughtsBy Remez Sasson Mindpower is one of the strongest and most useful powers you possess.  This power consists of your thoughts.  The thoughts that pass through your mind are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Your predominant thoughts influence your behavior and attitude and control your actions and reactions. […]

Speak Honestly

Be Kind

Our words carry enormous weight. More than we sometimes think. They often impact people for decades, providing either the courage to press on or one more reason to give up.  “Micheal Hyatt” Every day, we are shaping reality for someone by the words that we use with them. The right word spoken at the right […]

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