I Am . . .

As the Wyoming winter continues, do you ever find yourself becoming more and more stressed, cranky, short-tempered, depressed, unhappy, alone, anxious and many more emotions or feelings? I do! So this week, I AM challenging you to a week of I AM … DAILY Affirmations.
What? Why?

Affirmations are very powerful. Your subconscious mind does not think in terms of past, present or future.  When you say I AM . . . HAPPINESS, then life will provide you the means to have happiness.

Replace I WANT affirmations with I AM affirmations. Inspire yourself from the link below of a wonderful list of I AM affirmations and start to the power of I AM.  To have positive events in your life you need to think positively. Thinking positively is done with positive words. Inspire yourself!

I Am . . . Affirmations Link

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