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NextGen Mentoring Newsletter: October

October 2020

Program updates

❤️ Together, we can do hard and amazing things. ❤️
Mentoring is … The act of making a difference!

We have many young youth patiently waiting for a mentor and are excited to get matched!?It only takes one hour per week out of your schedule to make a BIG difference in the life of a young person within our community.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor and being part of something bigger please contact Bethany Shidler at (307) 708-0124, [email protected] or by sending a Facebook message on this page.

NextGen Mentoring

Waiting for the Perfect Mentor

       Hi my name is Johnathan. I enjoy biking, cooking, golf, and loves to learn new things. He has had two mentors before and his last one just moved so he wants a new one. He has been very patiently waiting for a mentor and is excited to get matched!

Hi my name is Nathan. I enjoy riding my bike, snowboarding, skiing, playing video games and sledding. He has also been very patiently waiting for a mentor and is excited to get matched!

Mentoring in Real Life

Be the change. Be a MENTOR
What is a mentor?
Great video posted in the link below
What is Mentoring

      Help us help our youth! NextGen Mentoring One-to-One is a non-profit organization who teaches mentors to lift, inspire and strengthen our youth in our community. Quality mentoring programs are proven to build relationships that help improve school attendance and academic achievement, promote responsible decision-making and provide skills to better navigate relationships at school, socially and at home.
       Our grant/funding is ending soon. We are working on more grants as we speak but we are striking out. We have set up a Venmo account if you like to donate and help out our youth in Uinta County. If you can’t donate please share with your friends and family. Thank you!
VENMO Account: @Disability-Inuc


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