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InclusionWorks Webinar

“InclusionWorks in Action: Building a Disability-Inclusive Workplace” APRIL 7 | 10:00 – 11:00 am (MST) Presented by Andy Taube from Allied InclusionWorks

Description of “Building A Disability-Inclusive Workplace”:

Many companies commit to creating a disability-inclusive workplace. And many of them face challenges with where to start and how to do it. This presentation covers the key elements and strategies for fostering a disability-inclusive workplace. These include developing and sustaining leadership, outreach/recruitment, communication, culture, and more. Participants will complete a high-level assessment to see where you and your organization are at in your disability inclusion journey.  

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Andy Traub – Vice President of Human Resources and Allied InclusionWorks at Allied Global Services

Andy is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, SPHR, SHRM-CSPP.

Additionally, Andy is also an internationally recognized leader in both disability and diversity employment.

Over the past two decades, Andy developed and implanted talent acquisition/ management for several major entities. These include Google, Best Buy, Walgreens, Office Depot, Amazon, Starbucks, Sodexo, Kroger, and several European-based companies. He consulted with government entities in Russia, Scotland, and Germany as well. He is the lead consultant on the Workplace Initiative Team for the Poses Family Foundation. This initiative develops disability inclusion strategies for national employers receiving funding from the foundation.

As director of Recruitment at AMC Entertainment, Inc., Andy led the company’s strategic recruitment initiatives. This award-winning program broke new ground in hiring and retaining large numbers of individuals with disabilities. Also, Andy served as the Managing Director for the National Organization on Disability. As the Managing Director, he created several innovative programs and products (including the Disability Employment Tracker). The tracker helps national employers develop sustainable programs designed to effectively attract, on-board, manage and retain individuals with disabilities.

Two different White House administrations invited Andy to present on best practices in disability employment. He spoke at an international disability employment conference in Moscow, Russia at the invitation of the US Embassy.

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