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Accommodating Employees Webinar

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Accommodating Employees with Mental Health Impairments” MAY 5 | 10:00 – 11:00 am (MST) Presented by Melanie Whetzel, M.A., CBIS

Job accommodations can be vital for the successful employment of individuals with mental health impairments.  Knowing how, when, and why it might be necessary to disclose a disability is the first and often most difficult part of the accommodation process.  This session will provide information on the disclosure of mental health impairments in the workplace, the limitations associated with these impairments, and the accommodations that might be needed.  Real-life accommodation situations and solutions will be interspersed throughout the session. A question-and-answer session will be included at the end.

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Melanie Whetzel

Melanie Whetzel, M.A., CBIS: Lead Consultant, Cognitive / Neurological Team

Melanie joined the JAN staff as a consultant on the Cognitive / Neurological Team in February 2008. She has a fourteen-year history of teaching and advocating for students with disabilities in the public school system.

Melanie holds a Master of Arts degree in Special Education, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and has earned sixty hours above masters’ level. Her post-graduate work has been primarily focused on special education. She most recently completed a graduate certification in Career Planning and Placement for Youth in Transition.

As a member of the Cognitive / Neurological Team, Melanie specializes in learning disabilities, mental impairments, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and brain injuries. She presents nationally on topics ranging from mental health impairments to conduct and performance issues, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, brain injuries, and more. Melanie became a certified brain injury specialist in December 2014.