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2nd Annual Awards Picnic

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2nd Annual Awards Picnic Participants
On August 13th we held our 2nd Annual Awards Picnic. We had a great turn out, there was a total of 64 people of mentors, mentees, and family. At the Awards Picnic, we recognized
— our “Mentee of the Year” Kadian Handy.
— our “Mentor of the Year” Dan Shidler and
— our “Match of the Year” Tami Stoddard and Jaylynn Watson.
Thank you all who have made this program possible and for all that you have done.
Our Theme for the 2019-2020 year was also announced “Staying True to Yourself”.

Starting this month through next August we will be focusing on this theme. I have broken the theme down to three sub-themes

— “Self-Discovery” will be from September-December,
— “Act with Integrity” will be January-April and
— “Avoiding a Negative Self-Image” is May-August.

I am really excited about this and I hope our mentors and mentees will learn more about themselves throughout this next year.

— Bethany Shidler, Program Director