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Education & Career Awareness Workshops

Working professionals provide educational and career awareness training for youth to increase work ethics and employment retention by providing presentations and mock interviews.


See-Do-Apply Workshops

Previous Workshop Topics

  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Interviewing
  • Taking The High Road“: How underage drinking, felonies, sexting and drugs use can affect the rest of your life.
  • Employer Panel: Covering questions like
    • What do you look for in an employee?
    • What are your employee pet peeves?
    • How much more ahead are students who obtain a secondary education?

Mock Interviews

Having an opportunity to participate in Mock Interviewing is a valued occasion for youth with disabilities. By participating in Mock Interviews, youth gain the confidence to enter a business and ask for the employer, they learn the importance of dressing appropriately; they receive valuable feedback from employers on how to improve their interviewing skills along with compliments on their interviewing strengths. They also have the opportunity to network with businesses and learn about possible jobs

Interested in participating?

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