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What We Do

For Businesses:

An inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully & meaningfully

Disability:IN Uinta County works to implement diversity inclusive practices into your business or organization.  We 

  • Provide educational information to help employers attract new employees and customers with disabilities
  • Develop business leaders who value diversity
  • Promote strong inclusive communities

We work with businesses and organizations throughout Uinta County, Wyoming.  We’d love to help your business become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

For Youth:

NextGen Mentoring - Empowering Youth for their future

NextGen Mentoring matches youth with employers and/or mentors to help empower them for their future.

We match Uinta County youth with qualified mentors from within their local community.  

Programs include: 

Does Your Business Provide Inclusivity & Empowerment?

For Corporations: Disability Equality Index: A benchmarking tool that provides an objective score and roadmap on disability inclusion policies and practices. Learn more at

For more info, interested businesses, organizations, and individuals (for the NextGen Mentoring program), should call 307-783-6302.